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           ● 2010年第108屆廣交 [10-21]
           ● 2012年第112屆廣交 [9-20]
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          2012 OCT
          雙擊自動滾屏 發布者:admin 發布時間:2012/11/20 閱讀:1518

          Welcome to visit us
          It gives us great pleasure to invite you to the 111th Canton Fair to be held in Guangzhou, China (from 15th Oct to 5th Oct, 2012).
          Below is the booth number shows where we are:
          4.1H33, the first phase(15th Oct -19th Oct, 2012)
          With displayed our latest new model ventilation fans, we would like to answer any questions or queries regarding the same.
          Your esteemed presence would be a great honor.
          Looking forward to seeing you at the Fair.
          Have a good one.

          Best Regards,
          Your sincerely
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